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Judy A. Kevin, Mathematics Teacher -"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ashlyn Hennige. She was a phenomenal and gifted student of mine in Honors Algebra 1, an all-star student in Geometry, and a highly motivated and talented teaching assistant in my intervention mathematics class.
 Ashlyn is truly talented on many levels. Not only is she brilliant in mathematics, she has the rare gift of explaining methods to others. In my intervention class, she worked with all of the students who needed additional help. She targeted a few individuals who were less than motivated. By the end of the year, with Ashlyn's phenomenal guidance, their grades on standardized tests went from below basic to proficient. During the year she patiently and compassionately worked as a tutor at Buljan.

This year, I told Ashlyn that teaching is her calling. This young lady combines a brilliant mind with the ability to work with others. She is absolutely outstanding and I unconditionally recommend her for a tutoring position".


Denise Miller, Math Teacher, Del Oro High School-"As a math teacher at Del Oro High School, I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashlyn Hennige for the two years. She has been an outstanding student and a great asset to our school.
Ashlyn has been a true joy to have in the classroom. She was a top student in my AP Calculus AB class in the fall of 2014 and has been my aide in AP Calculus this term. She is quick to see mathematical relationships, and also has the ability to communicate to help her peers. Ashlyn does not hesitate to ask for clarification when needed or join in classroom discussions to solidify concepts. She is well organized and has managed to balance rigorous courses along with being involved in school activities. 

Ashlyn has a been a tremendous help as my aide this semester in AP Calculus. During this time, she has not only graded assignments, but had the ability and desire to assist students when needed. She is a confident, mature young women and a wonderful role model. I am thrilled to know Ashlyn is interested in a career in teaching high school mathematics. She is kind, patient, and has the demeanor necessary to achieve this goal. 

 It is evident that Ashlyn has a great desire to learn and challenge herself. I am confident that Ashlyn will continue to be extremely successful in all her future endeavors." 


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